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LG and KaheleTen years ago, I promised my constituents on Maui that together, we would work to build a better community.  Since then, we have accomplished much, using honesty, integrity and respect as the core values in our dialogues and decision making.  I’ve always understood that my actions are an extension and reflection of those that I represent, so I’ve invested the effort to validate our goals and objectives.

As Senate President, I instituted my collaborative style of leadership and provided the opportunity for all of our senators, and their respective districts, to be involved in the process.  I was also given the opportunity to broaden my constituency base, by not just expanding focus onto statewide policy issues, but also by spending time to understand the unique needs of the our different communities.

Now as your Lieutenant Governor, I would like to continue to have productive discussions with you on how to move our state forward.  I would be honored to work on your behalf and vow never to take this responsibility for granted.  I believe that together, we can continue to do great things. I humbly ask for your vote.

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